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How to get rid of SafeSurf virus

December 14, 2017

Site Security

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On the Internet you can find programs that perform any actions. Programs can control various processes, collect data and perform almost any kind of work for you. However, some programs are not useful, though desperately trying to look like them. A variety of viruses and adware are trying to hide in plain sight, pretending to be useful utilities. In this article, we will tell you about one such program that infiltrated thousands of computers over the past two weeks, and it’s called SafeSurf.

As we have said, some programs just seem useful, but really – they do not perform the claimed function, or there’s simply no need to perform those functions. We will teach you to recognize such programs and SafeSurf is one of them. There are several functions that in most cases are fake. These are: automatic search and installation of the drivers, “improved” or “fast” search on the Internet, the provision of “favorable” deals and information on discounts and promotions, performance of any actions in social networks, as well as search for free content. If you see a program that has such functions – that is, without a doubt, the virus. Why do we think so? It’s a simple question, the fact is that all these features do not make sense, and they are either pure trickery, as in the case of deals and discounts, or are already present in popular programs such as browsers. In the case of applications for social services – the use of such applications may cause the block of your account, due to suspicious activity. In short, all of these features may seem useful only to inexperienced user, and such people often become victims of adware.

What is SafeSurf

SafeSurf belongs to a type of software called browser hijackers, and it pretends to be an application that provides a secure, fast and easy search on the Internet. Think for a moment: you open the browser, secured by antivirus and having its own security protocols, and go to an unknown site from questionable publisher to ensure your safety. SafeSurf never make your browser safer. The main function of this program is to force you to watch ads. Many people know that online advertising is worth the money, so visits to certain sites, and clicks made by users are quite important for website ranking. Users whose computers are infected by SafeSurf are forced to visit those sites, which the virus shows them, and thus make a profit for hackers. Of course, one user per day will not bring any significant gains to fraudsters, even if it will sit in the Web all day. But the number of SafeSurf ‘s victims is tens of thousands, and together they provide a huge profit at the lowest cost. The hackers distribute SafeSurf via malicious websites, or through bundled installation with free software. It means that users do all the work themselves, placing SafeSurf on their PCs. If you do not want to experience permanent discomfort when surfing the web and see tons of ads on each page, and you want to clean your computer from SafeSurf – we know how to do it.

How to remove SafeSurf

Removing any of the virus is a fairly simple process, which requires a minimum level of computer literacy, or the presence of anti-virus program. However, in the case of SafeSurf, the time that the virus had spent on your PC is very important. If you already suffer from SafeSurf for month, during which time your system had accumulated dozens of side programs and viruses that need to be removed. Manual removal of a large number of unwanted programs is a very laborious process that requires attention, and if you do not notice at least one virus, the whole history will repeat itself again, and soon the computer will return to the lamentable state. Decent anti-virus is the best solution to the problem, as it can quickly clean up your PC from unwanted programs and protect you from other threats in the future. Regardless of which removal method you choose, we can help you. In the extended article about how to remove SafeSurf, you will find all information about manual and automatic removal. There we have links to the most effective anti-viral software, detailed step-by-step instructions, pictures and videoguide. If you still have some questions about SafeSurf – just comment this article, and you’ll receive the help.

What is a denial of service attack?

December 14, 2017

Site Security

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Technology has become more advanced, and with it, hack attacks in the online world are increasing at an alarming rate. The only way to avoid attacks like DoS or DDoS, is to have intelligent monitoring of your web traffic.

By using an automated self-learning system, risks can be mitigated. Thus you can sleep without worry at nights, knowing that your online content and confidential data sees no threat or interruption. But unfortunately, the initial costs of setting up such a system is way too high, and can only be afforded by huge corporate establishments.

A recent example of DoS attack is the infamous website that sells automation desktop tools for online publishers and marketers. Its not certain as to whether the attack is DoS as mentioned in above message, but at the time of writing this article, the site is surely missing all its content on the server – none of the indexed urls in Google are working.

What is a denial of service attack?

Denial of Service (DoS) or Distributed Denial of Service (DDos) attacks are by far the most notorious kinds of attacks. That is because, any level of hacker with a small investment can bombard a victim website, with millions of requests, and make them look like they are legit users. This eventually crashes the web server, and makes the site offline, requiring manual intervention to bring it back online.

If the victim website is an ecommerce site, that means thousands of dollars lost in sales, and a bad reputation. Identifying a DDoS attack early is the best option. You can have firewall systems that allow blocking traffic that is not desirable. Sudden spikes in traffic is a red flag, and must be closely monitored. Those are the works of a Network Engineer. More details here.

But what can small business owners do? They cannot afford expensive DDoS prevention hardware, or perhaps, not even hire experienced network professionals, who can configure the firewall softwares. They are simply at the mercy of their hosting company. And if the hosting company cannot afford that infrastructure, then that is bad risky business. Don’t worry, we do offer a solution too, just hang on…

Besides prevention, one critical aspect is recovery of an offline website. Each minute lost, is valuable sales and reputation lost.

Coversine can help small business owners take care of their website uptime, or even their VPS / dedicated server uptime, at affordable costs. And no, we are not talking about a monitoring service that notifies you whenever your site goes down. We offer the complete exclusive service of maintaining the site / server uptime, which means we regularly backup your site on your behalf, and recover your site, in case of hacks/attacks/etc. Click the links above to learn more.

Of course, prevention is better than cure, and that’s why the subscriptions above, take care of performance checks, and regular updates to softwares and apps as well. You are in good hands, when you are with us… rest assured!